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Thermal Stations

Efficiency at lower costs

GOLDMARK thermal stations use solid fuels functioning in automatic mode (wood, wood scraps and waste, sawdust) and are designed to be used in home and industrial environments.

Industrial thermal stations are:

  • for hot industrial water or technological steam

  • for hot air

Applications | Technical Characteristics


GOLDMARK thermal stations offer you an excellent efficiency and long life cycles. Using sawdust as fuel, ownership cost is extremely low.

industrial thermal stations are built with power between 300.000 Kcal and 3.000.000 Kcal (3 Gcal)

Home use thermal stations have power between 20 Kw and 150 Kw. This type of thermal stations works in automatic mode with refilling at every 10-24 hours.

Both types are based on wood gasification principle (integral burning). Efficiency is around 92-95 %.

Ready to work
Our thermal stations designed for home use are fully loaded with all necessary accessories (recirculation pump, expansion vessel, control computer and protection systems)
Computerized Control
We use the latest technology to control and assure the easy of use for our thermal stations. State of the art computers are used to facilitate the thermal stations programming.  
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Technical Characteristics
Length (mm) 1000
Width (mm) 800
Height (mm) 1400
Power (kW) 2 - 3
Heating Temp. (oC) 150 - 200
Transported air volume (m3/h) 2500 - 4000
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