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Maximum efficiency
This machines are designed to shred wood, vegetable, plastic or Al waste (beverage cans). GOLDMARK produces two different shredders, but we can produce customized shredding machines with max. 2000 kg/hour productivity.    
  Applications | Technical Characteristics
T 200 and T 500 shredders could be used as individual machines to shred wood waste resulted from lumber or furniture production, to reduce waste dimensions. The powerful motor and high quality of shredding system offers you the possibility to use any type of wood waste, cardboard or plastic, Al waste (beverage cans).

Included in automatic sawdust briquetting flows those machines produces raw materials for briquetting presses.
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Functions and Advantages

Advantages Variable granularity
  • Transform in raw material any wood, plastics or Al waste.
  • Small footprint.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Friendly control panel.
  • Easy integration in automatic briquetting flows.

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Shredded material is eliminated through a screen located under shredding chamber. Depending on your needs, you could choose one of 4 screens available, with screen diameter between 5 and 20 mm, these screens giving the final material dimensions.
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Technical Characteristics


T 200 T 500
Hooper opening (mm) 380x500 500x600
Rotor diameter (mm) 160 180
Rotor speed (rot./min) 180 190
Dimensions (LxWxH) 720x1560x890 1100x1680x900
Suction tube diameter (mm) 150 150
Suction speed (m/s) 28 28
Motor power (kW) 7,5 15
Productivity (Kg/hour)*    
      Screen - Ø 5 mm 50 200
      Screen - Ø 8 mm 85  305
      Screen - Ø 15 mm 130 410
      Screen - Ø 20 mm 200 500
Sawdust transport pneumatic pneumatic
Approximate weight. (kg) 500 900
* Approximate values - depend by type of material used
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