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GOLDMARK sawdust dryers have a high efficiency. These machines are very important in briquetting flows. Sawdust and other wood waste resulted form wood processing activities have a humidity over 17%, impede briquetting without additives.

Our dryers reduce sawdust humidity from  40 - 45% (entering) to 10 - 17% or lower, offering the possibility to press the sawdust without additives, obtaining a maximum 600 kg/hour productivity.

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Raw material for drying is feed in machine. Depending of raw material humidity, drying period is variable, but productivity is constant between 200 and 600 kg/hour. Dried sawdust is evacuated through exit hole directly in polyethylene bags and could be transported very easily for briquetting. Feeding and exiting processes are automated and continuous, so efficiency is high.

Designed to dry the sawdust this machine could be used independently or integrated in automatic briquetting flows. Sawdust feeding could be direct from a shredder T200 or T500 installed in line with the dryer.

GOLDMARK produce dryers with capacities adapted for its briquetting machines, but we could produce customized dryers with bigger capacities.

Technical Characteristics    


Maximum productivity kg/hour at 40% raw material humidity   200 - 600
Obtained maximum humidity (%)   10 - 17
Power (kW)   4 - 7,5
Maximum air temperature (oC)   180
Length L (mm)   3000 - 4500
Length L1 (mm)   4000
Width L2 (mm) 1000 - 1500
Height H (mm)   1800 - 2400
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