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MB, MBD & MBQ Briquetting presses 

GOLDMARK produce a large gamma of hydraulic briquetting presses with a productivity between 40 and 600 kg/hour. Our machines are ideal solution for wood waste briquette production at effective costs for customer.

The small footprint of our presses recommend them for small and medium companies, wide gamma offering the possibility to build different automatic briquetting flows adapted for every client needs. 

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Productivity & quality

At GOLDMARK we try to design and build simple, reliable and efficient products.
Our briquetting machines are the result of this efforts.

We use a tested technology and the results are obvious... perfect products! 

Our latest series of briquetting machines includes more powerful motors, a brilliantly simple operating mode and are totally controlled by computer.

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At GOLDMARK years of experience are reflected in products. Starting from design stage we take care off all details to create competitive and efficient products. our briquetting machines integrate only high quality parts perfectly combined to obtain the best results. 

A compact and efficient machine with a small footprint.

State of the art computers are used to control our briquetting machines.

Control software used is customized by GOLDMARK, depending on customer needs.

Briquetting head is hydraulically controlled to obtain a perfect pressure force for briquette firmness.

Permanent dispenser spinning feed continuous the sawdust into the press chamber.

Compact shape briquettes with a good  mechanical resistance (depend of raw material used)

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Main advantages:
• Transform all wood and other vegetable waste in a high efficiency alternative fuel
• Low consumption
• Small footprint
• Easy to use
• Reduced maintenance costs
• Easy integration in automatic briquetting flows
• independent machine
• together with a T series shredder
• integrated in an automatic briquetting flow (example: shredder, sawdust separator, dryer, spiral transporters, etc.)
• into a mobile briquetting unit.

Contact us for details.

Technical Characteristics
Characteristic MB 4 MB 5 MB 6 MB 7 MBD 7 MBQ
Ø Briquette (mm) 40 50 60 70 70 60 - 70
Productivity  (Kg/h) 20 - 40 30 - 60 40 - 90 90 -150 180 - 350 250 - 600
Hydraulic motor (kW) 4 5 7,5 9.2 15 22
Hopper dimension (mm) 800 1000 1000 1000 1200 1200
Length (mm) 1200 1600 1600 1780 1850 2200
Width  (mm) 980 1100 1100 1200 1200 1350
Height (mm) 1300 1400 1400 1400 1400 1400
Max. sawdust humidity (%) 17 17 17 17 17 17
Machine weight (kg) 350 450 500 650 1200 1600
For safety reason, our briquetting machines are delivered without hydraulic oil. This is delivered separately and must be feed before machines first start.

The output capacity depends on the material to be processed.

For additional information related to our briquetting machines, implementing in automatic flows and special orders, please contact us. Please visit our new website at:


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