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Since 1992 GOLDMARK designs, produces and sells machines and technologies for wood waste recycling. In almost 21 years of activity in wood scrapping and briquetting industry GOLDMARK evolved together with it's clients and this particular market. Now we are able to offer customized solutions, technologies and machines depending on customers needs, in the same time constantly improving our machines quality and reliability.






GOLDMARK produces a wide gamma of machines for shredding, transport, briquetting and usage of wood and vegetable waste transforming it in a high quality substitute fuel.

Through a dynamic attitude and accumulated experience we try to satisfy all marketing demands and develop new wood waste briquetting solutions at effective costs for our clients. Being on the market over 14 years offers us confidence in our products, but in the same time we feel obliged to reach new technological standards.

Our products have a high quality standard being covered by a 12 months complete warranty. GOLDMARK tests all machines in stress conditions to assure good performance and endurance in a normal work environment.

GOLDMARK products quality and reliability is recognized by our many clients from Europe. Permanently developing the production technologies and our machines design, GOLDMARK can constantly increase the machines reliability, in the same time managing the costs efficiently to avoid increasing the  expenses for the customers. 

Tailored for you
GOLDMARK is a dynamic company, permanently growing like our clients do.  We are dedicated to satisfy all our clients requests, this aspect being reflected by the modular design and reliability of our products. Almost all machines designed and sold by us are “tailored” for you, our customers.

At GOLDMARK, we are dedicated to:

  • improving products performance and longevity
  • continuous exploring new technologies
  • permanently keep in touch with our clients
  • maximizing our manufacturing capacity and products automation levels

Starting from design stage our specialists directly cooperate with the customers to create final products adapted for each type of business. Machines modularity offer the possibility to increase the production capacity only when is necessary,  when your business will grow.

Service & Training
GOLDMARK offers you 12 months complete warranty for all achieved products and post warranty options. Service is assured by fully trained and qualified personnel. Machines usage and maintenance by customers personnel is sustained by our company through free training sessions when the machines are picked up after selling. Following the operating and maintenance guidelines significantly increase machines functioning period, so GOLDMARK makes major active efforts to improve the training sessions for customers personnel and to bring to their attention all new technological progresses made that could improve their activity.
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